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Giving you the professional guidance and expert tools to make opening your law practice less stressful and a more seamless transition to success!! Ready to start taking cases within 2 weeks?? Let's do this!


How to Launch your Law Practice

Without the fear and self-sabotage


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In this FREE Law Practice Launch masterclass, you will discover:

  • 5 MISTAKES TO AVOID SABOTAGING YOUR LAUNCH SUCCESS. You will want to know these massive mistakes you can make that will hold you back from having a successful law practice.


  • WHAT TYPE OF PRACTICE WILL BRING YOU THE MOST IMPACT?This is the most crucial part of launching your practice.  This can mean the difference between a successful launch or no clients for months!  


  • HOW TO BUILD A SIX-FIGURE INCOME. Let's face it- you need to make money- you have spent the last 3 years eating ramen.  In this master class, I will show you 3 easy ways to grow your client base.


This is for you if….

  • You want to launch your law practice, but you don’t know where to start…And you keep spinning your wheels, researching, and googling what to do!


  • You are worried about making enough money to pay the bills…You also worry about 80-hour weeks and never having another vacation!


  • You are ready to take control of your legal career and aren’t afraid of a little hard work!


Spoiler alert:  you made it this far- of course you are NOT afraid of hard work. 


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Hello, I’m Trisha and the owner of Morales Padia Law.

I graduated from St. Mary’s School of Law in 2013.

The day I got my license I was ready to take my first client!  I remember feeling overwhelmed, wondering what to do, sitting at my desk looking around, like NOW WHAT?

I was able to make my practice successful right away to have the work schedule I want and the income I need.  

In my first year, I made more than an entry-level associate position.